The Omega Sea Story is also the story of an American family business. Brothers Denny and Marty Crews began making fish food in 1998. Since then, they have been blessed to welcome many other dedicated employees and family members into the business. Related or not, we're all a part of the OmegaSea family. Talk about good genes!

Denny Crews
Sue Crews
Assistant to the Regional Mgr
Jim Randall
Kelly Randall
VP of Marketing
Marty Crews
Dan Crews
QA, Inventory Manager
Lisa Smith
Domestic Sales
Laura Ormsby
Accounting Manager
Darryl Knight
Domestic Sales
Ray Jonaitis
Plant Manager
Jenna Nicholson
Graphic Artist
Jaimie Wachs
International Sales Coordinator
Cliff Pesho
Maintenance Technician
Mike Unger
Shipping Manager
Crystal Crews
Quality Manager
Matt McDonald
Scheduling Coordinator
Shipping & Quality
Packaging & Production