From the sea to the shelf.

We take the quality of our products very seriously. That's why we make our fish foods in a patented process with ingredients that provide a higher level of natural nutrition than any other fish food on the market. Go ahead, compare our ingredients to any other fish food - the difference will be clear!

The first, and most important step in our unique manufacturing process is our sourcing of whole, fresh ingredients in place of meals and fillers. We do this along the wild and rugged coastline of Southeast Alaska. We chose this remote location because it is the hub of a rich commercial fishing network. Here, we are able to purchase our seafood ingredients directly from commercial fishermen, fisherwomen, and processors. The salmon, herring, shrimp, and other seafood ingredients we use are food grade and always fresh. We know because we source them ourselves.  

Fresh ocean kelp is another incredibly nutritious ingredient used in many of our formulas. In order to ensure its sustainability, we carefully harvest it by hand along the pristine Alaskan shoreline, far removed from any human habitation.

Once purchased or harvested, all of our ingredients are immediately flash frozen. This ensures that all their powerful health benefits are retained, sealing in quality and preventing any degradation.

These frozen ingredients are packaged and loaded onto large freezer trucks and transported to our USDA facility in Ohio. With our state-of-the art equipment and the highest quality control standards, these ingredients are then ground into a nutritious slurry, combined with vitamins, and immediately produced into the pellets, flakes, and frozen foods you have come to love. 

As you can see, our process is very different than other fish food manufacturers, and it is what makes our foods so incredible. We take our quality to the extreme, handling our ingredients as if they were destined for a fine restaurant. In Alaska, some of our fishermen friends think we go a little overboard, but we think your fish deserve the best!

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