Frozen Bloodworms

Omega One® Bloodworms are genuine bloodworms, not mosquito larvae, which means their color enhancing ability is superb. Their high protein content makes them particularly effective as a conditioning food for breeding fish. These premium, bacteria-free bloodworms are an excellent treat for many freshwater and saltwater species.

GREAT FOR: Rainbow Fish, Discus, Angel Fish, many types of African Cichlids, Triggers, Blennies, Saltwater Angels, and many other species.

All Omega One® Frozen Treats undergo an 8-Step Cleansing Process prior to packaging to ensure purity. UV Sterilization also eliminates the risk of parasites or bacteria.

Sizes Available: 
3.5oz (100g) Cube Pack
7oz (200g) Cube Pack
4oz (113g) Flat Pack
8oz (224g) Flat Pack
16oz (454g) Flat Pack
4oz (113g) Pod Pouch

Blood Worms
No preservatives added.

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Min. Crude Protein …..….6.3%
Min. Crude Fat …………..0.8%
Max. Crude Fiber ….…...0.3%
Max. Moisture.....…..….91.2%